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[Howto] Solaris 11 On KVM

[Howto] Solaris 11 On KVM

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While I've had some success installing Solaris 11 via KVM on a RHEL 6 platform, Solaris doesn't recognize the default "virtio" hard disk used.... Contribute to xl0/solaris-virtio development by creating an account on GitHub. ... framewrowk, used in QEMU/KVM and, feel.... Hello All, To start with, I am not an expert of solaris and VMs. ... When using KVM, QEMU can virtualize x86, server and embedded PowerPC, 64-bit ... capable of running Solaris 10 (Solaris 8 virtualization is not support under Solaris 11) and.... To install Solaris 11 as a guest on KVM the following steps are needed. I will use Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal) with KVM (qemu-kvm package) and Virtal Machine Manager (virt-manager package). Ubuntu uses a 3.5 Linux kernel. I will use the sol-11_1-text-x86.. hello,I wonder if some of you have made a RHEV Solaris installation. ... Solaris on rhev. Latest response March 11 2013 at 12:44 PM. hello, I wonder if some of ... This is the bug against QEMU-KVM (with a possible solution on the QEMU side).. [Howto] Solaris 11 on KVM. Recently I had to test a few things on Solaris 11 and wondered how well it works virtualized with KVM. It does with.... KVM : how to access to Solaris 10 x86 VMs over virsh console. KVM host ... mint-1 ~ # kvm --version ... title Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10x_u10wos_17b X86.. Yes and no, it depends on what you actually want from it. Do you want the /dev/kvm API or do you just want to run hardware-accelerated qemu.... Solaris Containers (including Solaris Zones) is an implementation of operating system-level ... distributions, such as OpenIndiana, SmartOS and OmniOS, as well as in the official Oracle Solaris 11 release. ... Adeos CP/CMS Hyper-V KVM.. Do you see any real advantages for running Solaris 11 in KVM vs. VirtualBox? I use Solaris 11 in Vbox all day, every day, and by and large it just works without.... (uhci0): No SOF interrupts have been received, this USB UHCI host controller is unusable. Solaris 11 - USB Mode 3.0(XHCI). The boot is coming.... Installing KVM Guests With virt-install On Ubuntu 11.10 Server Unlike ... (e.g. Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD) and distributions in a guest, just like.... to have vanilla Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 VMs to play with as well. The virtualization page mentions a few options ( Has anybody had recent experience coaxing Solaris 11.1 to work under ... Yes; though I'm pretty that much more has happened in Solaris 11.... I have the following configuration below in setting up Solaris in virt-manager, if this helps. ISO - sol-10-u11-ga-sparc-dvd.iso Memory: 2GB Processors: 1 Hard Disk.... KVM/Libvirt Solaris 11 Networking. I needed a solaris NFS server to debug some suspected filehandle case-insensitivity LOOKUP problems,.... Jump to UNIX Family: Solaris/OpenSolaris - Solaris 11 Express 2010.11, 32, 64, qemu-kvm-, Intel, 64, Works but without USB.... On my oVirt 3.2.2 environment I installed Solaris 11 U1 with the ... on my RHEL 6.4 KVM host (except I can > > > > > > choose Solaris 10 as OS.... Thus I was curious if an installation of Solaris 11 on KVM / libvirt works. For the test I actually used virt-manager since it does provide neat defaults...

I will use Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal) with KVM (qemu-kvm package) and Virtal Machine Manager ... I"m doing a school job, and had to install Solaris 11 on KVM.


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